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Sandburg’s manufacturing programs are perfect for those with a creative mind and a knack for working with their hands. With programs such as welding and industrial mechanical maintenance, we prepare our students to both build and repair. Two of our newest manufacturing programs, computer numeric control (CNC) operator and CNC programmer, feature the opportunity to do a paid internship at Pegasus Manufacturing in Galesburg so students can get their foot in the door on a factory floor.


CNC program you know both tiers you know is a stackable certificate. It leads into the programming aspect. It allows students to come in on a hands on as well as taking that next step into programming.

We're looking at sophisticated skill sets and so the employees can search out the company that they want to work for. And there is not a company in town in our area, in our tri-county area that wouldn't hire a CNC machinist.

I feel that it's worth the investment because computer numerical control is basically limitless to what you can imagine. So you could make anything from car parts to stuff that goes on a spaceship to anything to fix the machine itself.

A student with no knowledge but you had an interest in getting into machining or working with their hands, and then intertwining the technology of computers, it's an excellent opportunity for them to get their feet wet. They'll be exposed to various aspects of the manufacturing process related to their operation of the CNC. And I believe there's a summer course during the internship which is part of the program as well.

My experience with programs is very good. The instructors are great. They offer the certificates for MIG, TIG, stick, oxy-fuel cutting and welding. So I'm going for the degree in industrial welding. Pretty much put you in a position to go well to Caterpillar and John Deere, just about anywhere you want to work.