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Career Tech Programs

With more than 50 Associate in Applied Science degree and certificate programs available, Sandburg is also a great fit if you want to get training for a career. From computers to cars, accounting to welding or dental hygiene to mortuary science, you’re bound to find something at Sandburg that fits your interests. We also work closely with businesses in our area to align our programs with their needs, making our graduates better equipped to jump right into the workforce.


I chose to get into the dental hygiene program because oral health piqued my interests when I job shadowed a dental hygienist, and I decided that I thought that this was going to be the right fit for me.

I realized that Carl Sandburg mortuary science program was a really good fit for me when I was looking at location, portability, and their test scores. I mean, we do very well for ourselves here.

I've actually had a really good experience in this program so far. And I've made a lot of great friendships with the girls around me. It's definitely been a challenge to get through this program. I've gained a ton of hands on experience from the first semester, the first week, learning obviously all our instrumentation, different techniques, different technology that's used in dental hygiene. And then we start seeing family and friends in the spring.

It's a very, very hands on program. So you're always practicing, learning more techniques, learning easier techniques. It's such a small program. There's only 18 in my class. And then there's a different faculty. They all get to know you on a very personal level. They definitely cater to what your personal interests are, and help you out in that way.

I think it's prepared me for the outside world, and the real world of dentistry and dental hygiene. And it's definitely made my time in the program much more valuable and rewarding as I'm about to graduate.

I'm really proud to be a student at Carl Sandburg College. They provide the tools that students need to enter the working world, and we are affordable, we have a really great atmosphere. So being a student here is something that I'm always going to appreciate.