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Don’t think that just because we’re a community college you won’t get challenged. Our instructors push our students to make sure they’re ready for their next step, but our small class sizes mean students also get the individualized support they need from instructors and advisers to help them succeed.

Education is an ever-changing environment, and Sandburg is moving right along with it. That’s why we offer a growing array of online courses, including an Associate in Arts that can be earned by taking only online classes. We also feature classes that allow you to attend any combination of online, in person and via Skype, giving students flexibility to fit their schedule. We’ve also swapped the traditional desks in several of our classrooms with couches and café tables to make the learning environment more comfortable and discussion-based.


I feel like my classes are preparing me for the next step by challenging me in all the right ways. They're pushing me outside of my comfort zone and helping me grow as a person.

One of the big focuses at Sandburg is really the student experience. And everything that we do is designed to help our students succeed.

The accessibility of the online courses have eliminated obstacles for me with my schedule. I'm involved with several things here on campus, as well as off campus activities, so it gets kind of challenging trying to manage everything. But with the advantage of online classes, I am able to get the work done at my leisure.

This semester, we have a learning community that combines American government and politics and intro to film. And so while students are learning about the techniques of film, and scoring, and story, they're doing so through films that reflect the experience of American government and politics while they're learning about the structure of American government and politics. We have our technical programs where students can learn a trade to be ready for the workforce. But we also supplement with things that we call co-curriculum where students can be engaged in things like honors work, student life, or study abroad that help them to take the things that they're learning and really put them to use or expand them over a larger base, apply them to their lives, things like that.