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Don’t want to be saddled in debt from college loans? Sandburg is a great education at a great price. Our tuition is three times less than four-year public colleges and universities in Illinois, and seven in 10 Sandburg graduates finish their schooling here debt free. We also offer more than 220 scholarships of all types through the Carl Sandburg College Foundation, which can help save you thousands more.


Carl Sandburg would be a good option for students who are concerned about affordability.

Our tuition rates have historically been low, and we've really tried to control those costs so that students don't absorb large increases in their tuition every year. The community has been great at supporting the college. It's provided us an opportunity to have a lot of scholarships available for our students in a variety of different programs. Seven out of 10 of our students graduate debt free.

Whether I'm having issues or concerns in regards to my financial aid, or I'm just getting stressed out in trying to fill out these scholarship essays and just compare these different transfer schools as well as their packages, the staff's really helpful with that.

When people think about college, it's like loans, and loans, and loans come to your mind, and I had to take on no loans. So this is great.

I will be graduating without student debt. It's kind of like all good at the end with graduations, and you don't have to look back and think, I still have to pay for this. I still have to pay for that. So it's great.