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Sandburg boasts a proud tradition of Chargers athletics that includes several Arrowhead Conference championships, Region IV championships, NJCAA tournament appearances and consecutive Arrowhead Conference All-Sports titles the past two seasons. We offer 10 NJCAA programs (men’s golf, women’s golf, men’s cross country, women’s cross country, men’s soccer, volleyball, men’s basketball, women’s basketball, baseball and softball) that include both scholarship athletes and walk-ons, and our dedicated staff of coaches make sure our players succeed on the field and in the classroom.


Most of us athletes come from small towns. And we come together, and we're all from different areas, and we don't know who we are. And then we go together on a court and somehow we all work together and then we're mighty.

Here at Carl Sandburg College, are men's soccer, volleyball, men's and women's golf, men's and women's cross-country, men's and women's basketball, softball, and baseball.

I mean you can see the fans, the faculty, and students are always out here supporting us and it's just great knowing they have our backs to every game. Opportunities it's provided me with-- I've met a lot of great people on the basketball team. I've made friends with I don't know how many of them. And it's always fun hanging out with them, being in the locker room, getting in the gym at home. It's just fun to be around those guys.

I'm thankful because first of all they gave me the opportunity to get my education here. I built a lot of relationships with a lot of new friends and I'll be able to carry that on for the rest of my life.

I've learned just a lot of life lessons, how to treat people, how to get along with people, and how to be successful.

Coach Bailey has helped me on the court first off because he taught me how to listen to him and discipline. I've grown more as a person and he lets me know that there's more potential to me because after two years I got to figure out what I want to do afterwards, and he makes me keep in mind that I still have other opportunities. And that's just what I'm going to pursue.