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Carl Sandburg College has proudly served the citizens of its district in west-central Illinois for 50 years. With its Main Campus in Galesburg and Branch Campus in Carthage, Sandburg serves approximately 2,000 students of all ages and offers four types of associate degrees and more than 50 certificate and associate in applied science programs.

Our students range from high schoolers taking dual credit offerings to veterans who can get additional support from our staff after concluding their courageous service. Sandburg serves more than just those in its immediate community, though. Our college includes students who hail from 31 different states and 25 countries.


I know I belong at Carl Sandburg because the staff, the faculty, and nearly everyone here makes me feel like I belong there just as dedicated to my success as I am. They want me to succeed just as badly, if not more than I want to succeed myself.

We try to provide as many opportunities for students as possible. And that would be both educational and leadership, social. It's a variety. We have athletics. There's a lot that the students can do that provide them avenues to try new things, to grow, and to develop.

Our dual credit program out here at Sandburg, it allows high school students to take some college courses while they're still enrolled in their junior or senior year of high school.

We have another campus in Carthage, Illinois, and that provides our students in that area of our district a closer location for them to take classes.

We also use technology in innovative ways. We share classes between the main campus and the branch campus.

The thing I like about the diversity here is that it allows me to interact with people I wouldn't normally be able to and, in a sense, be able to learn about a different culture as well, something that I may not have been accustomed to.

We also have a veterans' lounge that our students can study in, work on projects, or just hang out with other students that have served.

I feel like my classes are preparing me for the next step by challenging me in all the right ways. They're pushing me outside of my comfort zone and helping me grow as a person.